Monday, June 30, 2008

From Beyond The Grave

The Skeletal Spotlight shines this time on:
"From Beyond The Grave"

The skull-centric poster for 1971's "From Beyond the Grave" shows once again the superior artwork that Amicus used on their anthology films. They never failed to make you want to see the movie. This was another one that I missed out on in the 70's in the theaters, and never once saw it on TV in the years since, so when it finally came out on DVD I was excited to view it for the first time.The Amicus anthologies are some of the most enjoyable movies to come out in that time period, and you got a lot for your money. If you didn't really like the last segment, all you had to do was wait: another one was coming. There were usually three or four good ones, and one not-so-good ones in each film, so the ratio of good to bad was rather high. You seldom got bored with one of these!

Following are some variations on the poster for it's various releases around the world, for your enjoyment.

"I called it 'Buy & Die" when I first opened it, but it didn't seem to have the right ring to it."

Peter Cushing plays a shopkeeper who you'd better not try to cheat. And I pities th' po fool who tries to rob him!

I'm guessing we're not supposed to take this literally.

"The Giant Hand From Beyond The Grave" version was not one of the better posters to be done for an Amicus movie. And the one below for the 1975 re-release of the film is so far from anything in the film that one wonders if it was an unused poster for another movie. It really feels like an attempt by some distributor to get viewers into the movie under the assumption it was a different film entirely. Clever: re-name it "The Creatures," repackage it with unrelated artwork, and no-one would know the difference unless they read the credits closely. I can see some people going into the movie and saying, "Wait, I've already seen this, where's the movie I paid to see this time?" It actually looks like one I'd like to see... if I hadn't already.

Too bad this movie was never made, it looks cool. You gots to be really bad to be evicted from hell!


The only thing missing is Godzilla.

Spiffy cover for the DVD release.


Karswell said...

One of my favorite Amicus films, I don't agree with the hit/miss ratio at all but I did learn something new as I've never heard of this being retitled The Creatures. ?! That's actualy a cool poster, just seems like it's for a totally different movie.

Great post!

Fred said...


I'd love to know your thoughts on that. Do you feel there are more good segments per movie than I allowed, or less?


Karswell said...

I think all the segments are great, though being a huge R. Chetwynd-Hayes fan I may be a bit biased. Now if we were talking about Torture Garden I'd say that one is a little up and down, even with stories by Robert Bloch who is another idol of mine.