Friday, June 6, 2008

Skeleton Man cover art

The skeletal spotlight shines this time on:
The overseas poster for "Skeleton Man"

Click for a disgustingly bigger version, if you dare!

"Excuse me, do you have anything for irritated skin?"
The result of not wearing safety goggles when sand-blasting concrete.

I am in awe of this artwork. It's in direct contrast to the quality of the actual movie.

I'm betting if this had been the art used on the DVD cover for the 2005 Sci-Fi channel original "Skeleton Man" in the U.S., it wouldn't be at the bottom of the Wal-Mart 5.88 bin. The lackluster cover below didn't even entice me to buy it and I'm a sucker for horror movies with living skeletons. But, the overseas posters are often better than ours over here in the States, since they can get away with more gore. And this one beats them all. You'd be hard pressed to illustrate a more horrifying skull image. And the artist does a great job on this near-photorealistic painting.

Once more, a poster is better than the movie. Much better. You'd have a lot more fun looking at this picture for an hour and a half than watching the movie itself. For that matter, you'd have more fun staring into the sun for the duration. If you were suckered into buying this DVD, print out the hi-rez image above and slip it inside the front. Then at least it will look ultra-cool on your movie shelf.

In this case the movie and cover art are equally bad.


Karswell said...

Guess I missed this one, although I did pick up Army of the Dead (2008) for my son and yeah, crappy movie but some of the skeleton attack scenes aren't bad... terrible CGI though.

Patrick said...

I actually glanced at this DVD in the clearance bin at a music store the other day- all it took was to see Casper's name on the cover and I quickly lost interest. I do dig on that meaty artwork though, much better than the garbage they used for the US release...

Fred said...


Yeah, I passed on it, too... but had they used that cool artwork instead I would have bought it no matter how crappy the movie!