Monday, June 9, 2008

The Death Wheelers

The skeletal spotlight shines this time on:
The Death Wheelers poster

"Get outta the way, bimbos! A giant skull is chasing us!"

Tagline: "Ride With the Living Dead!"

Once in a blue moon a horror movie shambles onto the scene that transcends the limits of it's small budget to join the classics in the pantheon of horror movies that will live forever. The fright it provokes in the back of your brain, dragged from the primitive depths of the pool of unspoken fears, rises like a skeletal hand to grab you by the throat and throttle you with terror.

This kind of film assails you with images that etch themselves like acid onto your memory, only to arise unbidden from the vault of the subconscious in the dead of night, to waken you with a sweat-drenched scream. The after-effects cling to your mind like the stench of the tomb, causing your peripheral vision to catch sight of things in the dark that you are too afraid to turn your full gaze upon, lest they become real.

"The Evil Dead" is just such a film.

On the other hand, here's a cool skull-oriented poster for the 1971 film "The Death Wheelers," also known as "Psychomania." I suspect it has more in common with "Werewolves on Wheels." Which is why I don't feel underprivileged or deprived having never seen it. If you have seen it and want to review it in the comments section, feel free.

"Hey, watch, guys! I'm riding with one hand!"

And they watched 3D movies every time they got together.

Now, excuse me, my ham sandwich is getting lonesome.


Karswell said...

Psychomania ain't bad, it isn't a great film by any means but it's got George Sanders in a minor role which is always a plus... and it's miles more fun than Werewolves on Wheels which is such a tedious biker borefest you can't really even fast forward through it quick enough... although there are a couple inspired moments of dirtball nude hippy satanism worth noting, or worth nothing depending upon your point of view.

Fred said...


Thanks for the mini-review! I can always count on your for valuable feedback.

So far, you're probably my only reader too!

Karswell said...

>you're probably my only reader too!

Well maybe we can change that... I just gave you a shout out on THOIA.

Patrick said...

My wife bought Psychomania on video for me many years ago. I watched it ONCE, and vaguely remember some of it- not that great obviously, but it would be cool to have one of the skull biker helmets...