Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Skull Sistah in Da Hood

The skeletal spotlight shines this time on:
A Sassy Skull Sistah

Not to mention tight dresses and high heel shoes!

This eye-catching bit of photoshoppery was done by a brotha who wants his women natural. Ain't no call for these "white-women wanna-be's" buying blond wigs and fake nails. Well, my man, I dig where you're coming from. With a beautiful skull like that, she doesn't need any window dressing.

Really, though, why does the writer and artist equate buying "out-to-here" nails and a wig with death? I miss the point. But I suspect, so does he. If the money isn't spent on wigs and nails, you can bet the money will go for beauty shop visits and manicures. And they're just as expensive when you add up the repeat visits.

However, no amount of dressing up will make that poor sistah in the image look any healthier, or more black for that matter. That chick is dead. And in that case, she needs all the help she can get to look good. So cut her some slack! Besides, if you want to whine about an African-American spending millions on trying to look like a white woman, go pick on Michael Jackson. Snap!

The years of plastic surgery finally came to this.


Patrick said...

OK- any blog that devotes itself to skulls and skeletons is worthy of a link on my blog! I am a skull lovin' freak myself, found you via Karswell's Horrors blog. Keep up the great work!

Fred said...


Thanks for the link, I have just added you here to mine! You have an awesome site. I may have to tap you sometime for a bit of artwork...

Karswell said...

Ha ha, hilarious post today Fred.

Glad to see you found a new blog bud too, Patrick is awesome!