Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bernie Wrightson's Dead

The Skeletal Spotlight shines today on:
Bernie Wrightson's Living Dead

"Contrary to the tired and frankly un-PC cliche, I am not a mindless brain-eater. I have a family and work eight hours a day, so don't try to profile me. I... uh... are you using those brains? 'Cause I'd hate to see them go to waste..."

Nobody, but nobody does the risen, rotten, rambling and ravenous dead better than Bernie. Here are a few of my favorite zombie images from the master with a minimum of the usual scintillating commentary from me. They really don't need any!

Oh, and Bernie is not dead yet; if you thought that's what the title meant, well, the apostrophe "s" inferred possession. And well we might infer the mind behind these mastepieces to be possessed!

"Ohhh, I smell Mama's meatloaf in the oven. I know she'll taste wonderful!"

"Aaaaah! Man...that was a brick. Gotta eat more fiber,
them brains is just cloggin' me up something fierce!"

"Foolish mortal, do you think a shattered spine will stop me from taking my revenge? Uhhhh... well, it does pinch a little..."


Patrick said...

Bernie rules. Not only is he the master of the macabre, he is also a very gracious and humble person. I was lucky enough to meet him at the San Diego Comic Con a couple years ago, and he was kind enough to sign 4 or 5 of the comics I had brought with me. I had previously bought a bunch of his autographed comics on eBay, so I have a lot of Bernie Wrightson's autographs. His Frankenstein artwork makes my eyes fall out every time I look at it.

Karswell said...

Yeah, Bernie's awesome. I've met him a few times too and he's always great. Still doing quality work these days too with City of Others, Dead She Said etc...