Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Eyeball This!

The skeletal spotlight shines this time on:
The 1975 "Eyeball" film poster.

"You said you wished you could catch her eye.. so here, catch!"

Killer in red cape and hood is killing off tourists on a tour bus by gouging out their eyeballs. I would assume it's someone that's tired of the rude American tourists gawking at him.

"Eyeball" was made in 1975 by Umberto Lenzi, Italian film-maker famous for "Nightmare City" aka "City of the Walking Dead," "Eaten Alive!" and "Cannibal Ferox" aka "Make Them Die Slowly," among others. Although it touts the film as "A blinding vision of horror," you might want to put out your own eyes out while watching it. It was also known as "Wide-Eyed in the Dark," a more accurate description, since that's how you would be as you groped down the aisle to find the exit after a short time.

To be fair, there are gallio fans who like this movie, and they'd do a better review than I could. Here's one: http://10kbullets.com/reviews/eyeball/ It's just easier to "poke" fun at such a movie.

This poster uses the tagline "You May Never Live To See The End of It!" It's more likely you only wished that you wouldn't. But that top poster is awesome, except for the big ol' Slinkys goofily springing around in the background.

Here's a YouTube video trailer of the film.

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