Friday, June 27, 2008

An Eerie Skull

The Skeletal Spotlight shines today on:
"Eerie" magazine cover #117
(Click for a high-rez version)

"Hey, kid, no reading if you ain't buying it."

This December 1980 cover of Eerie was the kind that made young boys linger at the magazine rack at their local drugstore or corner convenience store for so long that they attracted attention. Sure, you came there for the comics or monster magazines, but you were just at the age that those Eerie and Vampirella covers were starting to catch your attention for a different reason. And catch it they did.

Of course, your mama would never allow you to buy it, and if you did it would get thrown away, but there was always that neighbor kid or the kid at school was was a few years older, that let you look at his. And you felt that maybe the thrill you were getting had less to do with the monsters and scary stuff than it did the artwork of feminine pultritude.

The cover of #117, featured here because of the scary skull (look again, there is one), is adorned with a lovely vision of womanhood that would give you a foot fetish even if you were too young to know there was such a thing. And that barely-there fur thong would cause a new patch of pimples to pop up spontaneously just from looking at it.

So, here's to Warren Publishing (as low-down as they were to poor old Forry later), which in it's heyday supplied us 70's pre-teens with both nightmare and daydream material.

Here's another Warren magazine, for free, just because of the scary skull... yeah, skull...

"But mom, it's just a comic magazine! (Riiip!)
Aw, mom, you didn't have to tear it up! Shoot."

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Karswell said...

Wow Fred, you're right! There IS a skull on the cover of that Eerie issue--- never noticed it before!

Now back to her toes...