Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Where The Skeletons Roam

The Skeletal Spotlight shines this time on:


I don't ordinarily feature sites on this blog... I link to them, maybe even mention them. However, this one I'd like to bring your attention to. And don't just click on it and view it at work or casually during the day. To get the full experience, you really need to do it at night, the later the better.

As you navigate through the eerie landscapes, and click on various interactive parts of the image, you will feel a little of the uneasiness you might experience should you be in the woods at the real Devil's Tramping Ground in North Carolina... a mysterious dead spot in the woods steeped in local folklore.

The artist behind the site, Ed Blain, operates Dark Arts Media to showcase his unique Flash creations. The art, combined with original music, really does impart a sense of foreboding... reminding me of the way I felt when watching a spooky movie as a kid, a feeling hard to come by now, as jaded as I am by unrelenting gore effects and shocking images. There is no screaming terror in these artistic expressions, only a visual recreation of some traditional ghost stories, and original material. I think it's the fact that you are made to feel that you are there, and are alone in the dark as you explore. And if you were to be doing that and see some of the sights for real, you would definitely be unsettled.

So, tonight, when you are all alone, and the lights are all out, draw close to your computer, turn on your speakers, and take a walk in the haunted woods. Leave no trail untried, and see where you end up. Also participate in "The Banshee" story, which is quite eerie. You will feel once again that you are six, sitting around the campfire surrounded by the dark, a delicious shiver tickling your spine as you listen to a "true" ghost story.

Here is a list of Ed's pages you will enjoy!

The Tramping Ground
The Maco Lights
The Banshee
The FeeJee Mermaid
Hell's Kitchen Haunted Hallway Cam
The UFO Cam
The Windermere
The Ghost Trick
Stranger Pilgrims
The Lost Magic of Franklin Love
Preview Gargamoth the Monster
The Google Trick

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