Friday, August 15, 2008

Psycho #12: Welcome To My Asylum!

The Skeletal Spotlight shines this time on:
"Welcome To My Asylum" from Psycho #12, May 1973

So, I was digging through some stacks of magazines in one of my collection bookcases last night, scanning in a whole bunch of new old stuff to use on my various blogs. I put stuff that I'd like to share in three stacks; one for Sweet Skulls, one for Monster Memories, and one for Held Over! Movie Ads. Going through my stuff for this is so much fun; because if I didn't have an excuse to actually sit down and do it, I might not see it for a long time otherwise. I'm rediscovering a lot I had forgotten about, or at least hadn't thought about for ages. So, blogging is a good thing! I hope you are enjoying the results of my collection-sifting as much as I am.

I only have a few issues of Skywald's Psycho, and they're all a lot of fun. Since the criteria for being featured in this blog is to have "skull-terior" motives, or containing at least one or more of the calcified cadaverous creeps, this story qualifies.

Here's a brief (and I do mean brief) little tale from Issue #12 that I bought in spring of 1973... it places you in the role of the first person, taking a tour of an infernally bad asylum. Did I say infernally? Well, I meant nothing by it... nothing at all!

The End.

Betcha didn't see that one coming, did ya? You know, how it turned out that you were the new inmate.. and that you were dead and all... and in hell... yep, a real shocker of an ending. A twist, if you will. Totally unexpected, infernally surprising, even. Um... uh... well, see ya next time! (Hurriedly beats it.)

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bluerosekiller said...

Ha! That was a real hoot.

I always did love those Skywald magazines. But, for some reason I never was able to get very many copies of them. I think that by the time that I sold off my comic book collection on that infernal day of madness in 1980, I only had a short stack of them.

Maybe a dozen total, nothing like the lierally hundreds of issues of Warren's stuff or the complete sets of Marvel's B&W horror lines.
For whatever reason, the distribution of Skywald's output was very spotty in my area.

So, whenever I did manage to find an occasional issue of PSYCHO or NIGHTMARE, it was a real treat.
They had their own special appeal, sort of bridging the gap between the low end of the Eerie publications stuff & the high quality of Warren's mags.