Friday, August 8, 2008

The Skull newspaper ad

The Skeletal Spotlight shines this time on:
"The Skull" newspaper ad from 1965.

The ad for "The Skull" above is part of my personal collection of clippings that I made for my scrapbook. Besides the ads I clipped when the movies were coming out, some others I found in a neat way: I discovered that the attic of the house I lived in at the time, was chock full of old newspapers! Although it was hot up there, I spent a couple of summer vacation months going through them one at a time, looking for movie ads and articles on genres I was interested in.

This one was from a 1965 newspaper. I was saving it for a future post on "The Skull," but I'm showing it now to introduce a new blog I have just begun (Don't worry, it won't supplant this one, only supplement it). I'll revist "The Skull" and treat it right soon with some screen grabs and a good look at the posters.

What this post is REALLY about...

The blog I'm plugging is called "HELD OVER! Newspaper Movie Ads" and it is just for showcasing the movie ad clippings that fill up my old scrapbook. Whereas "Sweet Skulls" focuses on, well... skulls, this new blog will reflect the varied interests of my young self and will feature ads from genres such as horror, sci-fi, kung fu, Star Trek, Planet of the Apes, etc. I'll be posting them every few days or so over there til I've done them all.

If you get a kick out of seeing old newspaper ads for movies, check it out occasionally. Each one featured in a post are ones I clipped with my own young hands (hence the uneven edges) and scanned in with my somewhat older hands now.

I also plan on posting other occasional goodies that I clipped also, like TV ads for shows I liked, and articles about the movies and TV programs. I think it will be fun! Leave some comments when you visit and let me know if you like it.


Karswell said...

Cool Fred, neat to see you double blogging. I've thought about doing a sister site as well for all my other "interests" too but THOIA keeps me busy enough I guess. Here's another cool movie clipping blog called Scenes from the Morgue:

bluerosekiller said...

Love, love, LOVE those newspaper ads!

Once again, you've illustrated just how likeminded & similar our childhoods were with this new post ( & indeed, your whole new site of clippings ). As I did the same exact thing starting in the mid-'70s right up until about '81 or so. Though, something happened to the scrapbook that I had mine taped in that made me take them all out & put them into a protective plastic sleeve a few years ago.
And, if I wasn't saving entire issues of the TV GUIDE then I was cutting them up & saving stuff from them.

Keep up the excellent work.

- Jim

Fred said...


Glad to know the new blog struck a chord! I also have taken a lot of the best clippings out, mounted them on paper and placed them into protective pages, which I put into binders. I have quite a few of these type which I began saving things in after I got older. The worn-out notebook pictured on the new blog is the one from my early years, but I have even more in nicer notebooks. You'll be seeing stuff from those as well as time goes by. Almost as good as visiting and going through them in person!

It does me good to get these things out that have meant a lot to me over the years, and share them with other like-minded people. I like knowing that I'm not the only one that was (and is) crazy about them.

Email me through my profile and we can communicate more directly if you want to!