Sunday, August 10, 2008

Monster Memories...LIVES AGAIN!

Before I started Sweet Skulls, I created a blog to post stuff about the monsters of my youth that I loved so much... Monster Memories. It only went as far as one post... and fell into a coma. The fact is, there was such a wide area of topics to choose from that it was just too daunting to add to very often. So I narrowed my focus to skull-oriented items and was able to keep it going more easily.

But, after awhile, there were things I wanted to blog about that didn't fit the format. So, I am resurrecting MM to showcase those things as I get the sinister urge. I will probably only post a new item about once a week, so it won't get to be too much. Without the pressure to post an epic every day, I can handle it and still have fun.

It's at:

So, visit it now and then to stimulate your own monster memories! Oh, and here's you a skull... a screen capture from "Fantasia." Now, that's art.


Karswell said...

3 blogs at once?! Yooz a jugglin' mad man! How about 4?

Fred said...

Hey, man... don't tempt me! I'm thinking about it!! :)