Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Skull Chair

The Skeletal Spotlight shines this time on:
Bob the Angry Flower's Skull Chair
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Bob the Angry Flower, always honing his world-domination plans, hangs out with his long-suffering pals; the jaded and cynical Stumpy and the innocent and optimistic Freddie the Flying Fetus. Don't look for explanations... don't question. Just accept that it's Bob's world and you are a boot-trodden yard muffin in it. Check out the archives. And take a ham sandwich, you'll be there awhile.

Since he brought up the subject of skull chairs, here are a few more to consider adding to your collection. They will complement my skull-shaped commode quite nicely.

Designed more for looks than comfort, it just never caught on for a TV easy chair.
Image source and more info

The chair to use when mixing a Flaming Skull. And also when preparing a drink.
Image source

Before The Phantom got his Skull Throne, he had to make do with the Skull Chair.
Image Source Tom Spina Designs

Presenting The Sensory Deprivation Skull Chair!

"Okay, guys, the shot you gave me is starting to kick in. What happens now?"

(Image source)
Useful more as a torture device/solitary confinement than a relaxation/meditation aid, this was designed by the same wacky, way-out-there "artiste" Atelier van Lie Shout (sic) who made the Skull Sauna, posted on earlier.

In the Skull Chair, no-one can hear you scream...

Yes, it might be cool to sit in it for a few minutes, even in the dark with the door closed... but let someone LOCK it from the outside, and see just how fast you being the slide down into apprehension, then fear, then claustrophobia, then panic, then loss of bladder control, then traumatic catatonia.

Comes with convenient Urine Collection pan in the bottom of the chair.

Yeah. It's a torture device at it's evil heart, just like waterboarding is slightly more than a pleasant and relaxing facial moisture therapy.

Besides, you remember what came out of the last movie sensory deprivation experiment, "Altered States."

If you have a case of "shy bladder" don't try going here.

When finished, take your skull-print paper from this cheery holder.

In case you don't have a skull-shaped commode, you can make do with a skull-adorned toilet seat cover...

Just don't sit on it with the lid down.

And in case this excessively scares the crap out of you, use this skullish toilet brush and holder when you are done...


Absinthe said...

Wow you learn something every day - I never knew there was a whole line of skull themed bathroom gear but you would need to get the Jumbo Pirate Devil Duckie from Archie Mcphee to go with it! I think I need to remodel....

Patrick said...

Another cool post Fred- you should see if you can find a pic of the Crimson King sitting in his skull throne from the Stephen King Dark Tower series. Michael Whelan did the artwork and it kicks mucho skull butt. I gotta get one of those skull toilets, that's too cool for words!!

Karswell said...

If it were up to me and my kid our whole house would be decked out in this stuff!

"I want your skull..."

Fred said...


Same here. Fortunately, my wife draw the line at how much stuff I have in the different rooms of the house. I only get to decorate like I like to at Halloween!