Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Airbrushed Skull Art

Today's Skeletal Spotlight shines on:
A Wicked Airbrushed Skull
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"Hurry up and paint me, my face is aching holding this pose!"

image source

Airbrush artists don't get much respect from the art community. You won't see very many examples of airbrush artwork hanging in a museum gallery. You won't even find them on sale at Dollar General on the shelf with the shrink-wrapped, cardboard-mounted pictures in plastic frames. You'll mostly see them at motorcycle shows, arts & crafts booths and mall kiosks on T-shirts. Like their poor kissing-cousins, black velvet paintings, they're the black sheep of the art family. Yet, when it comes to skull artwork, you will seldom find better or cooler versions than the airbrushed kind.

So, at the risk of appearing low-class (this blog, low-class? Never!), I'm featuring a few crypt-kicking images from around the web. Hang up your hat, kick off your boots, pop a cold one and enjoy!

"So, cutie... wanna come up to my loft apartment and see my airbrushings?"
image source

Only an airbrush stencil but cool anyway. Wait a minute... they use a stencil? Say it ain't so!
image source

"Smoke gets in your eyes..."
Image source

The owner of the bike with the above artwork gets ready to hit the road.

"Smoking kills? Bah... I smoked for years and look at me!"
Image source

And... saving one of the best for last. And there you have it, all this was nearly a full 30 seconds of mildly entertaining diversion for today. Now, get back to work, slacker!


Absinthe said...

Ahh now you all got me wanting to go out and get a jean jacket made! :) Hey are there any black velvet skull paintings out there?

Patrick said...

Yes! Raise the horns for airbrushing and especially for people that airbrush skulls! Great post Fred!!

Joe said...

Very Cool creepy site,nice work.Your skulls would make great tattoos. Jerseytattoo.blogspot.com

Denise said...

You have two of my images on your blog. The least you could have done is put my name with them

Frederick said...

thanks for the comment, I did put the image source for each one, thinking that when people went to it they would know more about the artist. Often if the name is not on the image itself it's hard to know when sharing. If you identify the two, I will add your name gladly!