Thursday, July 3, 2008

Honeymoon From Hades

The Skeletal Spotlight shines this time on:
The poster for 1985's "Honeymoon"
(Click for higher rez.)

"You may now kill the bride... uh, kiss the bride, yeah... I meant kiss her."
1985 was a very good year for horror movies: "Creepers," "Day of the Dead," "Fright Night," "Re-Animator," "Return of the Living Dead," and "The Care Bears Movie."

"Honeymoon," however, flew under my radar, and I never got around to checking it out on video when it came out. But the poster is cool, and has earned an entry in the Sweet Skulls blog just by virtue of the blushing... uh, make that bleeding bride's toothy smile.

I haven't been able to find much in the way of descriptions online. If you've seen it, feel free to tell what you thought of it in the comments!

Meanwhile, the poster and tagline reminded me of these two classic comic covers, the difference being that on them it's the groom who is "late" for the wedding.

"With this ring, I thee... KILL!"

And instead of rice, the guests all threw maggots at the happy couple.

"Sorry, folks, but we reserved this cabin before we died."

Of course, no entry about skeletal brides would be complete without a reference to the greatest movie ever made about post-mortem marriage, Tim Burton's "The Corpse Bride." If only they had been Mormon, marrying the dead would have been no big deal.

Tim Burton's sketch of the Corpse Bride. Isn't she loverly?

Knowing she needed pre-nuptial counselling, the little maggot gave her an earful.

Love means never having to say "you're rotten."

"Oh, my... honey, it's so BIG!"

"No thanks, I'll keep waiting... he'll be here soon."


Karswell said...

Not sure if I've seen the Honeymoon movie either, I've seen Haunted Honeymoon (both 1940 and 1986 versions) and of course Corpse Bride is awesome.

Mystic #21 is another good pre-code honeymoon horror cover:

Fred said...


Thanks for the lead! I have added it to the post. What a guy!

Karswell said...

Adventures into Darkness #6 too!

Kitty LeClaw said...

"With this ring, I thee... KILL!"

Heh. I love funnee captions :D

CRwM said...

All this married skullation reminds me: have you seen The Revenger's Tragedy - Jacobian tragedy turned sci-fi/Big Brother black comedy by Alex "Sid and Nancy/Repo Man/Walker" Cox? Several scenes in which our insane hero talks to the skull of his beloved which he keeps handy for comfort and guidance. You get you high culture cred and you get skull madness. That's what we call a win/win situation.