Sunday, November 16, 2008

Theatre of Blood poster

First, an apology to my regular readers; I haven't been able to post for a few weeks, as "real" life caught up to me lately and I had very little extra time for awhile. Hopefully now I can get back in the swing of things and post at least once a week. Also, my yahoo mail account is acting weird, I can send mail to it but anyone else seems to get a bounceback message. As soon as I can open another account somewhere I'll post the address!

Thanks for sticking around! -Fred

The Skeletal Spotlight shines this time on:

The "Theatre Of Blood" Poster

My first glimpse of this cool poster art was on the very first "Monster Times" issue I ever saw. This paper and I fell in love the moment we met, and I bought every issue I could find thereafter. I even have this cover framed on displayed with other special (to me) TMT covers. You can see them on the wall over my DVD collection.

The level of writing and the humor inherent in the magazine were somewhat above the level found in any other monster mag, and was a joy to read. I was 14 when I got this issue, and we were a perfect match.

Here for your ocular enjoyment is both the poster and the Monster Times cover which I scanned in. There are so many memories wrapped up in that issue that I could never blog about them all without boring you.

The milkman was always leaving something extra just to show he cared.

If you've never seen the movie, it's a must for any horror/Vincent Price fan. Living out an actor's dream, he takes bloody and ironic revenge on his theatrical critics. Making a living criticising others who do what they cannot, they have it coming and you cheer each time another one bites the dust.


Karswell said...

Welcome back chum... I tried emailing you a couple times to tell you about the "undeliverable messages" I was sending to you but they kept getting bounced back. Hotmail is relatively ok for a free service, as is gmail with quick and easy sign-ups.

Theatre of Blood RULES!!

prof. grewbeard said...

ah, The Monster Times! MT and Castle of Frankenstein were the two best monster mags of the 70s, in my opinion.

i wondered where you'd been!...

Absinthe said...

Caught this one not to long ago - the whole poodle death got to me a little bit but I loved Diana Rigg in it!

Frederick said...


Yeah, I have a poodle and he's my best bud, so that made me uncomfortable too!

Fred said...

I remember buying this issue as well. I was in third grade, the Mets were in the World Series and there was a movie poster shop near my elementary school which I would stop by to browse at from time to time. In addition to horror movie posters and lobby cards, they also sold monster and wrestling magazines, including old back issues of Castle of Frankenstein and Famous Monsters, as well as current issues of the those magazines and the Monster Times. I remember buying this one because its cover was so gory that my teacher made me keep it in a paper bag in my desk until I left for home that afternoon since some of the girls (sorry Absinthe) were complaining that the picture was making them sick.

bluerosekiller said...

Glad to hear that all's well with you & yours, Fred. I was begining to get a wee bit worried there.

Glad you'll be back to entertaining us all with the occasional blog on your sites. I've missed reading them.

- Jim

bluerosekiller said...

Isn't it funny how we were all so shook up by Robert Morely's being force fed his doggies?

I don't believe that I've seen THEATRE OF BLOOD since my initial exposure to it on the late show sometime in the early to mid '70s, but I can still vividly recall that scene! And, as that telecast was on a Saturday night, I remember more than just a few kids talking about it at school the following Monday morning as well.

As for The Monster Times, I just absolutely ADORED that publication as a kid! I looked forward to & cherished every single issue of it after discovering it sometime about midway through it's run.
And, I recall how distraught I was when the same final issue remained in it's spot at the shop where I bought my copies for months with no new arrivals, making me realize at last that it had ceased publication. A BIG time bummer!

Then, to add insult to injury, I sold off my TMT collection along with all my issues of FM when I sold off my comics collection in 1980 when I was 18. One of my life's biggest regrets ever.
Something that still haunts me now, almost three full decades after the fact ...

- Jim

Frederick said...


Thanks for sharing your TMT memories! I wish I had found it earlier, there were so many great back issues.

Funny how your teacher made you keep it under wraps... at least she didn't confiscate it! I had that happen a couple of times. Totally unfair.


Glad you stuck around! I had some real bone-crusher projects and I was totally swamped for awhile.

Don't miss my Star Trek blog also, and Held Over! Both will feature items of interest to you also, I'm sure.

And I still have trouble watching the poodle pie part of that movie. I love my little poodle so much that it just seems too cruel to make the dogs suffer just to punish the owner. It would have been a much more satisfying switch to have the man made into dog food and fed to the poodles!

Dane said...

I was a little sick over the poodle pie part too. But otherwise, I love love love that movie. Coral's death by hairdresser is probably my favorite.

Cyberschizoid said...

Theatre of Blood - what an amazing movie!! I remember watching this numerous times on TV whilst growing up!