Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Conqueror Worm poster

The Skeletal Spotlight shines this time on:
"The Conqueror Worm" poster
(click on image for hi-rez)

A great rotting-skull-centric poster with awesome artwork, for a movie that features the legendary Vincent Price. Initially released in 1968 under the title "Witchfinder General," it was released under this new title later to link it to the successful series of Corman/Price/Poe films that had come before.

Although I missed seeing nearly all of the Price films when they came out, I've been steadily collecting them on DVD as they are released. So far, I don't have this one, but am on the lookout for it. If the movie is as good as the poster I'll have a classic.

A printable page for the kiddies to color when they're getting in your hair.

If you have an insight or memory, or even a mini-review of this film you'd like to share, leave a comment and do so, please!


Anonymous said...

I have this one sitting on my netflix instant watch list under the Witchfinder General - this name/poster makes it look soo much cooler. I'll have to finally watch this next!

Fred said...

This is one of the first and one of the best of the witch hunter movies (which includes Franco's the Bloody Judge and the infamous Mark of the Devil). I seriously doubt that Frederick and Absinthe will be disappointed. I have the original press kit buried somewhere in my collection of horror related junk in my basement. I'll have to dig it out one of these years!

Karswell said...

Great poster, but I always felt this film was a bit overrated... call me goofy, cuzza all the scummy characters that Vincent Price played over the years, maybe I'm just not a fan of him playing this type of scummy religious character. It just feels too weird seeing him leer over naked breasts. And this coming from a guy who loves a good witch burning movie as much as the next guy too! Oh well...