Tuesday, May 27, 2008

1971 Psycho Cover

The skeletal spotlight shines this time on:
The January 1971 cover of "Psycho" by Brendan Lynch.

Click for a higher-res version.

Sometimes, you just don't have to say a lot about an image... it speaks volumes for itself. This one screams horror like few magazine covers ever did. Artist Brendan Lynch delivers an unforgettable image of a man whose flesh is being stripped away in what is obviously a painful experience. Never mind that he already has a large hole in his skull, exposing his brain. This is beyond an Exedrin headache.

One has to question the logic, though, of a beam or whatever-the-heck kind of syndrome that removes all flesh and tissue from the skeleton, and yet leaves the soft gray brain matter. Or in this case, purple brain matter. But, perhaps I'm expecting too much. It's still one of the coolest covers I ever laid my bloodshot young eyes upon.

This is one issue that I hope to someday own so I can read the story behind it, "The Skin And Bones Syndrome," written by Roger Elwood and drawn by Gray Morrow. But for now, I'm satisfied to view this awesome cover and share it with you. Yeah, we're bonding.


Mark said...

Great stuff, Fred! It's more than a pleasure to link here.

Karswell said...

I'm adding you to The Horrors of it All as well, great to see you're back in action!


Karswell said...

Also, for more half-skeleton head action check out the story I posted on Wednesday called The Ghoul's Revenge:


I wonder if Brendan Lynch was inspired by this old 50's story?