Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

The Skeletal Spotlight shines this time on...
Those Loving Bones

"Our Love Will Go On"

Ah, Valentine's Day... when lovers everywhere exchange gifts to commemorate a bloody massacre in Chicago in 1929. I hope you and your loved one connect on a deep level this weekend. And guys, remember... it's not about the candy, cards, stuffed animals, and jewelry... but just try not getting them and see how important they are.


And now to the real question... whither Sweet Skulls?

My recent approach to dealing with the stress.

You know how it is when you owe a friend some money and you don't have it, so you start avoiding them? You'd rather just not have to deal with them, knowing that they expect you to pay them back... but really, they'd rather have you around than not.

That's how I've been treating this blog, and consequently my regular readers. A few months back I had a harddrive crash and I lost all the many files I had collected to post on this blog. It kind of took the wind out of my sails as far as the ability to post regularly, and I've avoided even visiting it since I knew I owed my online pals more of what I had been delivering. I had to admit I had kind of run out of steam when it came to skulls. I have to go looking for things to post, as opposed to drawing out of my own resources and collected items. I have updated my three other blogs regularly, since their topics are easy to come up with new material out of my collection.

In fact, I'm on the verge of starting a new blog that focuses on science fiction similar to the way My Monster Memories focuses on horror. As yet un-named, it will spotlight movies, TV shows, cartoons, books, whatever I pull out of my collection bookcases or DVD shelves.

Don't worry; I'll continue to post occasionally on Sweet Skulls, as I find something post-worthy. It's now basically a vault of skeletal remains, remaining as a memorial, to be opened sometimes as new bones are deposited. But I do encourage you to often visit my other blogs, as I have no trouble finding material for them more regularly. They are:

My Monster Memories (The place to go if you liked this one; it's really very similar.)

My Star Trek Scrapbook (For Trekkers, obviously; old newspaper and magazine articles, and items from my 35+ year-old collection.)

Held Over! Movie Ads (For those who like their old movie ads black and white, half-toned and yellowed, from my thick scrapbooks.)

And I'll announce when the new Sci-Fi blog launches. So, thanks for reading, and come back sometimes, but more importantly, visit and bookmark the other blogs, where the action is.

Until next time, the vault doors creak shut...

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