Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Evil Dead 2 poster art

The Skeletal Spotlight shines this time on:
The "Evil Dead II" posters
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We kick off the month of Halloween, known also as October, with a look back at one of the most skulleriffic movie posters of all time: "Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn." Running a close second only to the photo artwork for "Tales From The Crypt" by Amicus, this poster seems to make the horror personal. It's as if the dead in the movie had their eyes on you and intended on dragging you down with the movie's victims.

Amping up the gore and humor factor with a bigger budget, "Dead By Dawn" was even more fun than the first, and a hoot to watch with a crowd. It's one that you should put on as you gather around the TV this October with your family close beside you. As you hold each other tightly, you will all share in the warmth and love that binds you as the screams are dragged from your throats. The bonding memories will linger for years to come.

With all the demands on time that seem to increase with the fall season, and the three other blogs I run, it's tough to write a lot each time here. But, I have determined to keep the posts coming regularly, even if it's nothing more than another cool skeletoniacal poster or picture for you to peruse. I recently had an external hardrive crash on me (a Western Digital less than a year old that suddenly developed the Click of Death) and it contained the extensive files in my blog folders that I had amassed over the past 6 months or so. I lost a lot of the material I had stockpiled for future use, so I have to begin the process of relocating that material from the various places I had gleaned it, beyond what I have myself in my collection.

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To Be Continued!


B-Sol said...

One of the all-time classic horror movie posters!

Frederick said...


I agree, it's an eye-catching, frame-worthy poster for sure. I have one of the full-size one-sheets in a frame at home that I bring out and display during October.

Thanks for visiting and commenting!

Mina Jade said...

Creepy... and it would draw my attention (and anyone's who is fond of the genre). I'm surprised that hypocrite censors weren't obsessed to forbid it.